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Keeping Our Streets Litter Free: Part 2

This summer, SPCA of Texas staff and volunteers learned of a homeless camp in Dallas that had an abundance of cats living in the area. A local nonprofit provides supplies and meals monthly to the people living in the camp, while the SPCA of Texas began assisting with providing food and sterilization services through our Community Cat program.  One of the camp's residents cared for most of the cats, spending all his time and what little resources he had bottle feeding the numerous litters of kittens born to the community cats. He and the other residents cared deeply about these cats and were doing the best they could to care for them, especially the kittens that ended up abandoned by their mothers. Despite their best efforts, many of the kittens they attempted to save did not survive, and fights frequently broke out amongst the free-roaming cats. To help alleviate the burden on the homeless camp residents, the SPCA of Texas's Community Cat program volunteers and staff made it the…

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